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Back To School 4: Sleep

Posted: Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 2:00 pm
Author: KNIA/KRLS News-Dr. Bob Leonard

Scott Streif is a sleep expert at the Pella Regional Health Center, and he had a number of thoughts to share about sleep during the interview-all important, but not all of them that kids are going to like to hear. Here are some of the major points:

Preschool kids need 11-13 hours of sleep a night, kindergartners through fourth grade need 10-11 hours, fifth graders to high school 8-9, and high schoolers need at least eight hours a night.

Everyone needs at least 1/2 an hour with no screens in front of them before they go to bed. No television or computer use. The blue light simulates daylight, and gives the body clues that it shouldn’t be getting before sleep.

Younger children shouldn’t be watching television that might be inappropriate, as it may make it difficult for them to fall asleep

It’s great to read a book as one transitions into sleep.

Sleep should be deep, and uninterrupted. Kids with phones need to check them at the door, and not be texting or browsing the web.

It’s best to practice good sleep hygiene. Kids should go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even weekends, and get good deep sleep.