Nine grassfires in Marion County Saturday sent area fire departments and law enforcement responding to fields and residences alike.  Among the fires include Clay Township responding to a grassfire at 2030 Lowe Drive in rural Marion County, which destroyed at least one building and spread to several acres across the road in a nearby field (photo).  Crews had the blaze extinguished with no injuries, with Knoxville Township and Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies responding to the scene as well. 


Later than day, Knoxville Township Fire Department and Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a grassfire on 1113 92nd Avenue.  The blaze there destroyed a trailer and dog house, and damaged a nearby building, also burning several acres in a nearby field, with no injuries.  Crews had the blaze under control within 30 minutes.


Also today, Indiana Township Fire Department responded to multiple grassfires.  The Pleasantville Fire Department responded to a grassfire on 455 Erbe Street, and Pella Fire Department, Pella Ambulance, Pella Police Department and Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a grassfire near Graceland Cemetery.


Fire Departments across Marion County have responded to multiple grass fires the past few weeks, with a much higher number of grassfires than last year. Knoxville Fire Department Mike Chief Roberts says it’s because of the weather: 2009 has not been as moist as this time last year, making fields more susceptible to catch fire. The forecast in coming days is predicted to be rainy and moist, which Roberts says could cut down the number of people attempting controlled burns.

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