As we told you earlier this week a recent NCAA ruling now allows colleges to use social networking sights such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their athletics. However that does not mean it can be used as a recruiting tool. Central College Athletic Director Al Dohrenkamp says its a great form of communication but there are some fine lines that must be followed when posting information such as the information must be available to anyone that wants it and not targeted to an individual and the information cannot come from an individual such as a coach but instead the athletic department or sports information department and it can only include general athletics news and scores. He also says there are still quite a few unanswered questions and potential problems that could arise including the fact that the rules differ for each Division I, II and III. Dohrenkamp says any violations will be considered secondary violations and colleges will be given the opportunity to fix the problem, however if violations persist it could become a major violation and the college could face major penalties. Previously colleges could only communicate the information via fax or e-mail

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