A graduate from the Knoxville High School Class of 1990 began running in a 200-mile trek around Knoxville Wednesday at 7 p.m. – and he hasn’t stopped. Bryan Schlotterback tells KNIA/KRLS News he is going the distance to raise money for Ken Locke Stadium in the “One Man, 200 Miles, Two Days” event. A large crowd gathered at Ken Locke Stadium Wednesday to wish Bryan good-luck and say thank you.

Last year, Schlotterback ran over 100 miles in 24 hours to raise money for the stadium. He says the positive community response and support from friends and family inspired him to run again this year. His run is expected to finish Friday night.

In the photos below, 10 year old Quinlan Robuck shows her support for Bryan at her grandmother’s house on North 7th street (thanks to Candy Jerkins).


To make a pledge, residents can call 515-867-4247 or email mile200@live.com. Stay tuned to KNIA/KRLS as we bring you exclusive live updates on Bryan’s progress and how many miles he’s completed.

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