The Knoxville Schools remain in average financial health, although the district’s unspent fund balance has declined four years in a row. That’s according to district Business Manager Craig Mobley, who gave an update on the district’s financial status to the School Board this week.

Mobley attributes the fund drop to last year’s state-wide across-the-board cuts, lower district enrollment, and the general economic conditions in the past year. However, Superintendent Dr. Randy Flack says despite the decline, the district still has a positive unspent balance, and the school’s enrollment—the main factor determining how much state-funding the district gets—looks to be up from last year. Both Flack and Mobley say the financial key this year is the state: there might be another across-the-board cut due to dwindling revenues in Iowa, and although the state approved 2% allowable growth in finding per student, the legislature could decide not to fund it. Mobley also recommended the Board assign a permanent budget committee to deal with future financial changes to the district.