Pella resident Bob Kroese will talk at the Pella Public Library tonight about his hobby and passion – wood sculpture. Kroese has been carving wild birds out of wood since the 1990s and has won regional, national and international awards. He says he started with a simple project by carving a hunting decoy that he saw directions for in a magazine.

“When I looked at those directions, I just said to myself secretly ‘I think maybe I could do that,’ so I went ahead and followed the steps in that magazine, and that wet my appetite,” said Kroese. “That was how it all started and I just worked from there.”

Some of Kroese’s work is currently on display at the Pella Public Library, and he says he will offer some words of encouragement to those who attend tonight’s program.

“Just enjoy the whole process. And realize that one thing will open up a door for others if you just keep pushing yourself,” said Kroese. “Also, I’d say not to be too upset with yourself if your first pieces aren’t too dynamic. I would probably be very embarrassed for a lot of people to see that first duck that I did, but in my mind, when I got done I was reasonably proud and thought I had done a pretty good thing; and I think that’s what people have to realize.”

Bob Kroese has lived in Pella since 1993 and is the current CEO at Pella Regional Health Center. He will share his hobby with those in attendance at 7:00 p.m. tonight in the library meeting room. The event is free and open to the public.

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