Knoxville High School has been put on the Schools In Need of Assistance list by the Iowa Department of Education. The listing is due to 11th grade students missing the math requirements on standardized testing during the past school year. In addition, the district has been put on a watch list for the math category, along with the high school, GOAL, Middle School and Northstar Elementary making the watch list for math and/or reading categories. Superintendent Dr. Randy Flack says there are some areas of concern, as most districts have, but the concerns are in subgroups such as low socioeconomic students and those in special education programs. Flack says these students are expected by the state to school as well on these tests as the general population, which is difficult. He says sometimes it only takes one or two students missing one or two questions to put a school in these watch groups and they are already working hard, district wide to improve these scores in the future.

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