Voters in the Pleasantville School District are encouraged to stop by the polls on September 14th to vote on two issues related to school finances. The first issue is a renewal of the district’s Physical Plant and Equipment Levy or PPEL fund, as the 10 year term expires after this year. PPEL fund money can be used to make repairs, update facilities, and purchase equipment. The second issue is a Revenue Purpose Statement in regards to recent legislation that guarantees all districts in Iowa will equally share revenue from the state sales tax. Each school must pass a Revenue Purpose Statement indicating how the money will be spent and needs expressed in the Pleasantville district include replacement of HVAC systems, tuckpointing of the high school, a new greenhouse, playground improvements, transportation maintenance and advancements in technology. Superintendent Dave Isgrig wants to stress that these issues do not increase taxes. He says in fact, despite financial issues in schools across the state, Pleasantville’s school property tax will in fact decrease this fiscal year by $1.53 per thousand.

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