High School students in Knoxville will soon have the opportunity to voice their opinion on issues in the community as a new city board will soon be established. Knoxville Mayor Don Zoutte tells KNIA/KRLS news a Mayor’s Youth Council will be officially added to the city committees by ordinance at the City Council meeting Monday. Zoutte says there have been issues in Knoxville recently including vandalism and suicide and he hopes letting children have a voice on what goes on in the city will help reduce these problems. Zoutte says the schools and an advisory board will help get the youth council started but essentially it’s up to the next generation of Knoxville residents to make this group work. Soon applications will be available for students to apply for the Mayor’s Youth Council. Zoutte says requirements include a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average and an explanation on what they want to see improved here in Knoxville.

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