The Marion County Board of Supervisors, Knoxville City Council, Police Chief Dan Losada, Sheriff Ron Goemaat, City Manager Dick Schrad, County Auditor Jake Grandia, City Attorney Bob Stuyvesent, City Clerk Heather Ussery, Fire Chief Mike Roberts, Former Police Chief and Mayor Harv Sprafka and Former Sheriff Gary Verwers met yesterday to discuss prisoner’s medical expenses. After initial discussion the groups decided there were two separate issues to discuss, that of the $13,700 worth of medical bills that have accumulated over the past 18 months and how the city and county will handle such expenses in the future.

Both the Supervisors and the Council agreed that the first priority was to address the current bills in order to alleviate that burden from the Knoxville Hospital and Clinics. After further discussion both entities agreed to split the current expenses, with Councilwoman April Verwers and Supervisor Sam Nichols voting against the motion because they believed the city should absorb the entire cost.

City Manager Dick Schrad and City Attorney Bob Stuyvesent now plan to draft up a 28E agreement in regards to future medical expenses which they will present to the City Council for possible approval and then move forward with a tentative agreement with the Board of Supervisors.

In addition, both entities will be looking into possible catastrophic inmate insurance to see if that’s something that would be beneficial.

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