A group of Knoxville and Marion County representatives traveled to the state capital Monday to discuss the future of the local VA campus with Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal and Minority Leader Paul McKinley.

City Manager Dick Schrad, Mayor Don Zoutte, Police Chief Dan Losada, Sheriff Ron Goemaat, and Supervisors Craig Agan and Sam Nichols spoke with the lawmakers about the importance of the future enhanced use lease of the Knoxville VA.

Schrad tells KNIA/KRLS news their goal was to ask the Senate to explore all options for the local campus before approving a resolution in support of any one proposal. As previously reported on KNIA/KRLS the Iowa House unanimously approved a resolution earlier this session in support of a Veterans National Recovery Center with no knowledge that competing proposals existed.

Schrad says they wanted to make sure the Senators realize there are more several proposals being submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs. He says they asked McKinley and Gronstal to consider a resolution that states they will support the proposal that will best serve the City of Knoxville and the surrounding area.

McKinley says he feels it was a very productive meeting and the group did a great job representing the people of Knoxville. Schrad says it is likely that an alternative resolution will be written and introduced in the senate in the near future.

Proposals for the campus must be submitted to the VA by March 8th.

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