The Marion County Board of Supervisors, City Manager Dick Schrad, Sheriff Ron Goemaat and Jail Administrator Scott Jerkins discussed potential inmate medical claims saver and budget protector with Dan McKay of McKay Insurance at their meeting Monday.

The proposed policy could cover medical expenses for inmates from the time of arrest until the time of release. The cost of premium for the coverage is 71 cents per prisoner, per day; which would start at just under $4,800 based on the amount of prisoners in the Marion County jail in 2010.

The policy has a $10,000 deductable and a $250,000 maximum per year. McKay stated that the coverage is offered through Correctional Risk Services Inc which is based out of Tennessee and his agency has been selected to manage this service in the state of Iowa. He told the Supervisors he plans to present the plan at the upcoming Iowa State Association of Counties conference. McKay says the more counties that sign up for this coverage in Iowa the lower the premium will go. His goal is to have at least 38 counties on board.

The proposal will be further evaluated and discussed at a future meeting.

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