Pella’s two golf courses are getting ready for this weekend’s Pella City Golf Tournament, an annual tradition that puts golfers on the courses at the Pella Golf and Country Club and Bos Landen Golf Club for a two-day, 36-hole tournament. Chris Konop, Manager at the Pella Country Club, says the tournament is a great opportunity for members of either course to play both of Pella’s high quality courses in the same weekend.

“It’s a great opportunity for Pella residents to come out and play both courses,” says Konop. “We’re a small city with two great courses, so it’s a great chance for members of either course to try out the other.”

Bos Landen General Manager Scott Reuter adds that the Pella City Tournament can also present a fun weekend of golf for any player – regardless of skill.

“I hope people understand that we flight this, and that the more people we get in, the more flights we have,” says Reuter. “So you don’t have to be the best golfer out there and win the whole thing – you can still have a chance to win a flight – and I hope that encourages more golfers to come out and play.”

The Pella City Golf Tournament begins Saturday at the Pella Country Club, and concludes on Sunday at Bos Landen. To register, contact the Pella Golf and Country Club, at 628-4564.

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