About 50 people gathered at the Knoxville Public Library yesterday afternoon and musician and historian Bill Jamerson discussed the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

The CCC, as it was more commonly known, was an organization public work relief program that operated throughout the Great Depression and into the beginning of World War II.

Jamerson tells KNIA/KRLS News that he first became interested in the CCC after attending a CCC reunion in 1993. Since that time, Jamerson has produced a PBS documentary about the CCC called Camp Forgotten. He’s also written a couple of books about it. Jamerson shared with the crowd stories from many former members of the CCC he’s talked with over the past two decades.

Former CCC member Verne Massick was in the crowd. He tells KNIA/KRLS News that the program sparked many memories of his time in the CCC more than 70 years ago.

For more on Jamerson’s program on the Civilian Conservation Corps, as well as more of his music, listen to Let’s Talk Knoxville today at 12:40 during the Marion County Mid-Day Magazine.

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