Alumni from Knoxville and PCM High Schools will play in Monroe this weekend in the first ever Knoxville vs. PCM Alumni football game. Mustangs’ Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Greg Bonnett has helped organize the event, and will stay on the sideline as a coach for the PCM alumni team; but says he’s received some good-natured trash-talking from Knoxville Head Coach Troy Rider, and also called out a few former Panthers he used to go to school with.

“The guy that I’m most worried about is Troy Rider. He texts me probably once a week telling me how awesome he is, how he’s fixin’ to play quarterback, he’s gonna run the ball, he’s benched 400 pounds, he’s gonna run us all over,” joked Bonnett. “You know, I would be more motivated to play if some guys like Tony Roozeboom, maybe Casey Davis, Shawn Gilchrist, Greg Sinnott – you know, some of those guys play – but the last thing I want to do is hear that any of the Rowley boys from Knoxville are playing, ‘cause I don’t think anybody wants anything to do with those guys.”

Beyond talking up his game, Rider says he’s hopeful fans of both schools will come out to support the teams and enjoy watching former standouts hit the field. As part of the fundraiser, the event will feature a raffle for a flat-screen TV, and Playstation 3 and other prizes.

An organization called Alumni Football USA is putting on the event, with proceeds going to the athletic programs at both Knoxville and PCM High Schools. Tickets to the game are $10 each and can be purchased from either high school, or from select businesses and individuals in both communities. Half of the cost of each ticket purchased in advance of Saturday night’s game will go back to the participating schools.

Kick-off of the Knoxville vs. PCM Alumni football game is set for 7:00 p.m. Saturday night at PCM High School in Monroe.

Click here for more information on the game and Alumni Football USA

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