In their game against Carlisle, the Pella High girls’ basketball team did something they had been having trouble with over their first few games of the season: Limit their turnovers. In the first six games of the season, the Lady Dutch were averaging around 24 turnovers per game, but against the Wildcats, only committed seven per half. Coach Jerod Garland explains why he and his coaches have been mainly focusing on the giveaways during practice.
“Earlier games this year, we’ve had 30 turnovers, that’s 30 shots we’re not getting,” Garland stressed. “Even if we hit 10-out-of-30, that’s 20 extra points we’re leaving out there with turnovers. It’s something we’ve been trying to address as we’ve been practicing; the girls have done a nice job at responding to it.”
The Pella girls will need to continue their recent play after the break, as they’ll be facing six consecutive Little Hawkeye Conference opponents, starting with a trip to Pella Christian next Friday.

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