A Knoxville man charged with felony neglect and child endangerment is back in custody. Clayton John Fischer was arrested in September after his four month old child suffered injuries which included 14 fractured ribs, a dislocated hip, fractured wrist and fractured femur. Fischer and the baby’s mother, Hollie Fischer turned themselves in to the Polk County Jail on Monday, September 23.

Court documents say the felony neglect and child endangerment charges constitute a probation violation. Fischer was on probation for a Public Intoxication 3rd charge dating to September of 2011. Court documents also show another probation violation resulting from a charge of Domestic Abuse Assault with Injury made this past Saturday, October 26. On that date, Fischer allegedly assaulted his wife Hollie, who was also charged with the aforementioned felony neglect and child endangerment. Fischer is being held with no bond in the Marion County Jail.