Sammy Swindell has been trying every combination he could think of the last two weeks at the Knoxville Raceway in preparation for next week’s 54th Knoxville Nationals.He must have found it at least in his 360 last night as he took the lead from Mark Dobmeier on a restart and had to hold on to get night two of the 24th Arnold Motor Supply 360 Nationals. Swindell started fourth and after Dobmeier led the first eight laps Swindell blew by to take the lead. Brian Brown, who nearly pulled off a perfect night was third. Swindell said while taking care of his tires, he was able to see what Dobmeier did and learn. The race was stopped midway through for a red flag as Alan Ambers slid through turn one and was T-Boned by Jack Dover. Ambers was taken to Knoxville Hospital and Clinics and according to his crew was complaining of ankle pain but otherwise was O-K. Brown will start on the pole of tonight’s A-Main with Joe Beaver right beside him on the front row. You can hear all the action on AM 1320 and 95.3 KNIA and with Live Track Side at five and Race Night’s Live at seven. The 305s will also be running a regular program.

A main
1. Sammy Swindell
2. Mark Dobmeier
3. Brian Brown
4. Ian Madsen
5. Bronson Maeschen
6. Terry McCarl
7. Wayne Johnson
8. Dusty Zomer
9. Tasker Phillips
10. Sam Hafertepe Jr.
11. Tim Shaffer
12. Dylan Peterson
13. Jeff Swindell
14. Scott Winters
15. Sean McClelland
16. Seth Brahmer
17. Trey Starks
18. Josh Higday
19. Robbie Stillwaggon
20. Danny Wood
21. Bill Balog
22. Jack Dover
23. Alan Ambers
24. Jon Agan

Tonight’s A-Main Starters:
1.21, Brian Brown 496
2.53, Joe Beaver 491
3.1s, Sammy Swindell 478
4.15H, Sam Hafertepe Jr. 477
5.18, Tony Bruce Jr. 476
6.41, Jason Johnson 474
7.56, Davey Heskin 471
8.4J, Lee Grosz 467
9.18M, Ian Madsen 463
10.13, Mark Dobmeier 459
11.20, Casey Friedrichsen 459
12.82, Bronson Maeschen 455
13.28, Jonathan Cornell 454
14.45, Tim Shaffer 453
15.5J, Jamie Ball 451
16.13v, Seth Brahmer 448
17.71, Kevin Swindell 446
18.10V, Calvin Landis 446
19.99, Brady Bacon 445
20.6, Terry McCarl 444

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