The Grand Theater Foundation made a welcome announcement at Peace Tree Brewing in Knoxville Friday night.
Committee members Natalie Job, Dylan Morse, and Scott Ziller announced that the group has raised approximately $500,000, enough to complete the remodeling of the theater as well as purchase the digital projection equipment needed to show first run films. They anticipate that the theater will reopen in June or July.
Here are some of the major donations:
Iowa State Savings Bank $20,000
Weiler $25,000
The Knoxville Heritage foundation $15,000
Caseys $5,000
3M $20,000
Marion County Community Foundation $30,000
West Bend Insurance (McKay Insurance Affiliate) $7,500
SSMID $8,300
Mary Peak $10,000
Mark and Jill Oman $50,000
The Kuyper Foundation $25,000
Morse stressed that smaller donations were also critical to the opening of the theater, including contributions from the children at all of the Knoxville Schools. Hundreds of people volunteered their time and labor, including many contractors. He gave thanks and credit to the entire Knoxville Community for making the opening possible.