Knoxville City Manager Aaron Adams will repeat his presentation on the Knoxville City Council’s proposed stormwater utility at the meeting Monday.

Adams told attendees at a previous presentation without further investment in the system, the DNR may require the city to expand facilities and begin treating stormwater, potentially costing Knoxville taxpayers millions of dollars. Adams explained that the utility would be allocated for storm water repairs and improvements aimed at avoiding greater future costs. A utility is a user charge assessed to pay for the service being used. The Council’s current proposal would charge single family homes $4 per month and multifamily properties $2 per month per unit. Industrial and commercial properties with more impermeable surfaces would be charged at the same rate, but increasing based on the amount of average home areas they occupied. Adams encourages citizens to share their thoughts on the proposal, so that the council can make an informed decision. The meeting will take place at City Hall at 6:15 p.m. Monday. The meeting will be streamed live on KNIA2 at and on the KNIA/KRLS Mobile App.