A bill legalizing fireworks was passed by the Iowa Senate as part of a flurry of action as the 2017 Session draws towards the end in the next few weeks.

The legislation allows the sale and use of fireworks from June 1 to July 8 and December 10 – January 3. During that time Iowans could only light them off from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. as well.

State Senator Ken Rozenboom stopped just short of calling himself a “reluctant” supporter of the measure.

“The use of fireworks is very common, and of course we have people that go to other states to buy them–that seems a little silly, so in the end I supported it,” he says. “But I think the restrictions that were put on there are reasonable.”

Rozenboom says he opposed the bill for some time because of his concern on the impacts fireworks have on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder returning from conflict zones. He says the bill has generated mixed support from both parties and state organizations. It will have to clear the Iowa House before fireworks are legal to buy in the state.