The Knoxville High School Regional Champion mock trial team took part in the state tournament this past Monday and Tuesday in Des Moines.

The team included Nyan Baker, Ben Clodfelter, Regis Deng, Lane Franck, Maddi Graves, Tierney Heffron, Asa Leonard, Nash Linsley, Cade McDonald, Ethan Murra, Daniel Ramaeker, and Trent Walraven. Nyan Baker was awarded All-State Outstanding Attorney. Maddi Graves earned All-State Honorable Mention Outstanding Witness. Also receiving nominations were Tierney Heffron & Ethan Murra as attorneys and Asa Leonard and Trent Walraven as witnesses. The teacher coach is Lisa Hermsen and the attorney coach is County Attorney, Ed Bull. Ed’s team of Assistant District Attorneys also helped prepare the team for competition.

Knoxville High School will also be sending a team of students to compete in the South Central Conference Academic Bowl in Albia tomorrow. The students representing Knoxville will be Tierney Heffron, Isaiah Finan, Scott Molloy, Bailey VandeKamp, and Taylor Wyss. Teams compete in rounds and buzz in answer questions from all areas of knowledge including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, sports, and popular culture.