The Republican Party, using their majority in both chambers, was able to pass bills restricting abortions in the state and funding to organizations that support the medical procedure.

State Senator Ken Rozenboom says two key pieces of legislation are a step in the right direction for pro-life Iowans, including the state’s rejection of federal money for family planning services and a 20-week ban on abortions.

“First of all, we defunded Planned Parenthood, we don’t believe taxpayer dollars should go in any way, shape, or form to providing abortion services,” Rozenboom says.

“The 20-week ban, which is common in many states, is a good a step, and the 72-hour waiting period is a good step–we wanted to save some babies, pure and simple.”

Rozenboom feels there is more the legislature could have done, and he would support stronger legislation if it were to be considered.

Iowa will instead now have state funds supporting family planning services at a wide range of medical facilities, none of which perform abortions.

Opposition to both measures says the new laws are far too restrictive and put the health of multiple women of the state at risk, especially those who rely on Planned Parenthood for their health screenings.