Wild may be downplaying the events at the Knoxville Raceway on Saturday night. With Former NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart in the 410 field, there was already a fair amount of buzz in the pits. When the action started it did not take long for everyone to realize the points were going to get shaken up in all three classes. The 305 leader Kade Higday was an early out after time trials when he blew a motor…that allowed Eric Bridger to capitalize and take the unofficial points lead after a third place finish behind winner Evan Epperson, who scored his first career win in the 305 division. The 360s were even more wild as Clint Garner and Calvin Landis racing for the lead in the A-Main collided and took each other out. Jamie Ball would win his first 360 A at Knoxville in 2017 and Matt Moro became the unofficial points leader. Everyone knew with a good night Ian Madsen could take a commanding lead in the 410s, and he did exactly what he needed as he won his fourth race of the season to take an unofficial 392 point lead with three points paying nights remaining. Madsen had to roar from third place to get by Brooke Tatnell midway through the race. He told KNIA/KRLS Sports riding around in second place may have benefited him. As always points become official after the close of business at the Knoxville Raceway on Monday. By the way, Tony Stewart had a good run, as he finished fifth in the 410s.

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