Knoxville went 1-2, and Pleasantville went 0-3 at the Pleasantville Trojans Quad last night. The Panthers lost to Carlisle 58-23, and Martensdale St. Mary’s 40-39 on criteria. Knoxville defeated Pleasantville 54-22. During the evening Knoxville’s Cody Ray Smith got 100th career win for the Panthers. Pleasantville also wrestled Martensdale-St. Mary’s losing 51-18 and Carlisle 56-24.

Knoxville 54
Pleasantville 22
132: Jax Bellon (KNOX) over (PLEA) (For.)
138: Devon Flesher (PLEA) over Nash Linsley (KNOX) (Fall 3:23)
145: Koby Gordon (KNOX) over Nolan Roff (PLEA) (Fall 5:40)
152: Eli Hamilton (KNOX) over Dalton Tucker (PLEA) (Fall 1:05)
160: Ben Brewster (KNOX) over (PLEA) (For.)
170: Cody Ray Smith (KNOX) over Max Hinners (PLEA) (Fall 0:51)
182: Daniel Kenyon (PLEA) over Nyan Baker (KNOX) (Fall 4:33)
195: Matthew Landsperger (KNOX) over Evan Mann (PLEA) (Fall 1:32)
220: Chaz Clark (PLEA) over Chase Bellon (KNOX) (MD 10-0)
285: Matthew Kauffman (PLEA) over Milo Johnston (KNOX) (Fall 1:25)
106: Sangale Sangale (KNOX) over (PLEA) (For.)
113: Double Forfeit 120: Gabe Gordon (KNOX) over (PLEA) (For.)
126: Kameron Butler (KNOX) over (PLEA) (For.)

Martensdale-St. Mary’s 40
Knoxville 39
126: Dominick DiCesare (MSM) over Kameron Butler (KNOX) (Dec 7-4)
132: Joshua Tibbits (MSM) over Jax Bellon (KNOX) (Fall 1:04)
138: Vincent Girardi (MSM) over Nash Linsley (KNOX) (Fall 0:54)
145: Koby Gordon (KNOX) over (MSM) (For.)
152: Eli Hamilton (KNOX) over Devin Schall (MSM) (Fall 3:52)
160: Ben Brewster (KNOX) over (MSM) (For.)
170: Cody Ray Smith (KNOX) over Steven Linn (MSM) (Fall 2:56)
182: Logan Schumacher (MSM) over Nyan Baker (KNOX) (Fall 1:22)
195: Preston Followill (KNOX) over (MSM) (For.)
220: Matthew Landsperger (KNOX) over Alan Allsup (MSM) (Fall 0:34)
285: Chase Bellon (KNOX) over Dillon Strange (MSM) (SV-1 2-1)
106: Cael Cassady (MSM) over Sangale Sangale (KNOX) (Fall 0:31)
113: Logan Major (MSM) over (KNOX) (For.)
120: Cole Cassady (MSM) over Gabe Gordon (KNOX) (Fall 1:57)
(MSM tie breaker on criteria 1.00)

Knoxville 23
Carlisle 58
106: Nicholas Pogue (CARL) over Sangale Sangale (KNOX) (Fall 1:47)
113: Wyatt Kruse (CARL) over (KNOX) (For.)
120: Carter Logue (CARL) over Gabe Gordon (KNOX) (MD 14-4)
126: Kameron Butler (KNOX) over Peter Comer (CARL) (Fall 3:33)
132: Troy Schnathorst (CARL) over Jax Bellon (KNOX) (Fall 3:20)
138: Nash Linsley (KNOX) over Gage Ulhman (CARL) (Fall 0:34)
145: Darek Tingle (CARL) over Koby Gordon (KNOX) (Fall 2:30)
152: Bryce Murray (CARL) over Eli Hamilton (KNOX) (Fall 1:02)
160: Cody Ray Smith (KNOX) over Tyler Squires (CARL) (Fall 5:01)
170: Ethan Reed (CARL) over Ben Brewster (KNOX) (Fall 1:52)
182: Gabe Hemsted (CARL) over Nyan Baker (KNOX) (Fall 3:14)
195: Nate Ramirez (CARL) over Matthew Landsperger (KNOX) (Fall 0:20)
220: Chase Bellon (KNOX) over Tommy Jones (CARL) (TF 17-2 5:08)
285: Cooper Schettler (CARL) over Milo Johnston (KNOX) (Fall 0:17)

Carlisle 56
Pleasantville 24
126: Peter Comer (CARL) over (PLEA) (For.)
132: Troy Schnathorst (CARL) over (PLEA) (For.)
138: Devon Flesher (PLEA) over Gage Ulhman (CARL) (Fall 1:21)
145: Darek Tingle (CARL) over Nolan Roff (PLEA) (TF 18-3 5:32)
152: Bryce Murray (CARL) over Dalton Tucker (PLEA) (Fall 0:00)
160: Tyler Squires (CARL) over (PLEA) (For.)
170: Ethan Reed (CARL) over Max Hinners (PLEA) (Fall 2:37)
182: Gabe Hemsted (CARL) over Daniel Kenyon (PLEA) (Dec 4-0)
195: Evan Mann (PLEA) over Nate Ramirez (CARL) (Fall 0:55)
220: Matthew Kauffman (PLEA) over Tommy Jones (CARL) (Fall 3:21)
285: Chaz Clark (PLEA) over Cooper Schettler (CARL) (Fall 1:29)
106: Nicholas Pogue (CARL) over (PLEA) (For.)
113: Wyatt Kruse (CARL) over (PLEA) (For.)
120: Carter Logue (CARL) over (PLEA) (For.)

Martensdale-St. Mary’s 51
Pleasantville 18
138: Vincent Girardi (MSM) over Devon Flesher (PLEA) (Fall 4:39)
145: Nolan Roff (PLEA) over (MSM) (For.)
152: Devin Schall (MSM) over Dalton Tucker (PLEA) (Dec 8-6)
160: Double Forfeit
170: Steven Linn (MSM) over Max Hinners (PLEA) (Fall 4:18)
182: Logan Schumacher (MSM) over Daniel Kenyon (PLEA) (Inj. [time])
195: Double Forfeit
220: Matthew Kauffman (PLEA) over Alan Allsup (MSM) (Fall 2:28)
285: Chaz Clark (PLEA) over Dillon Strange (MSM) (Fall 5:31)
106: Cael Cassady (MSM) over (PLEA) (For.)
113: Logan Major (MSM) over (PLEA) (For.)
120: Cole Cassady (MSM) over (PLEA) (For.)
126: Dominick DiCesare (MSM) over (PLEA) (For.)
132: Joshua Tibbits (MSM) over (PLEA) (For.)

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