The Knoxville School Board approved the signing of a letter of intent at their most recent meeting with Red Lion Renewables, a solar energy company out of Norwalk.

The letter of intent, which the City of Knoxville has also signed, gives the school district 90 days to negotiate with Red Lion Renewables to determine if the project is economically viable. The project would involve installing solar energy panels on school buildings and property, including the parking lots. Knoxville Community School District Business Manager Craig Mobley tells KNIA/KRLS News he was impressed with what he saw out of the company, and has been searching for a way to incorporate solar energy into the school district for some time.

Mobley also said that while this project is important because it potentially saves a significant amount of money, it also has another meaning that says to the citizens of Knoxville that the school district is being an example of how to move forward and try to take care of the environment, and that the school district is acting now so hopefully things are better in the future. The project must be decided on this summer to take advantage of tax rebates that will be expiring in the state of Iowa.