One of the big benefits of last month’s trip to Europe was the chance for the Central College football team to grow closer.

The Dutch made a nine-day trek abroad, and coach Jeff McMartin joined us last night on the Central College Radio Coaches Corner on KRLS to talk about the trip.  He says that team bonding was one of the biggest outcomes.

“You’re traveling in countries where you don’t necessarily speak the language, going through airports and hotels and getting on busses and seeing different countries and cities.  So being together on an extended nine day trip, you really learn about each other and yourself and how to work together and live together.”

McMartin said that the opportunity to be an ambassador for the game of football was also a huge benefit, as was the chance to practice together and play a game.

He says that for many of his players, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he’s excited that he got to share the journey with them.

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