The City of Knoxville has received a recommendation from engineers in the Iowa Department of Transportation to alter Highway 14/Lincoln St. through a “road diet.”

The road diet will change the street to one lane each way, with a middle turning lane and bicycle lanes on each side. Knoxville City Manager Aaron Adams tells KNIA/KRLS News he understands residents concerns about leaving large crowd events such as the Knoxville Nationals being made more difficult, but adds that overall not much will change as studies have shown that unless there is a significant loss or gain of traffic lanes there won’t be much of a difference, it will still be crowded and will take time to leave the event either way.

Adams also said that pedestrian traffic is also a big part of race nights, and this change will make it more safe for them as well. Hear more about the proposed road diet on today’s In Depth with Dr. Bob Leonard.