Ryan Giles beat Clint Garner in the 360 A-Main Saturday at the Knoxville Raceway, and he was lucky to have won. On lap ten while leading, he hit the turn four wall but kept going and somehow maintained the lead the rest of the race. Eric Bridger was back to his dominating self, leading all 15 laps of the 305 A-Main to win his seventh race of the season. In the 410s, Austin McCarl took the lead on a restart and waved good bye to everyone winning by over four seconds over runner-up Tasker Phillips, whose second place was a career best for him in the 410s. With their win on Marion County Fair Night, Giles and Bridger not only received a trophy, but also will be eating high on the hog, as they won a nice selection of pork, McCarl won a half side of beef. Also running were the Dirt Trucks out of Des Moines and Pat Graham won the feature race.

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