Drivers will need to pay more attention and watch out for farm equipment they can’t see while on rural roads during the harvest season.
Avoiding large machines is easy enough if you drive carefully and see them as you approach; but Marion County Sheriff Jason Sandholdt says dust kicked up from unpaved roads can obscure a farm vehicle or machine.
He tells KNIA/KRLS News farmers do their best to avoid obstructing traffic, and drivers in turn should be aware of dust clouds, hills and curves which can keep them from seeing hazards.
“And the farmers do a really good job; I mean, they try to park up on the grass or in different areas where they’re not gonna…surprise somebody,” says Sandholdt. “But there are times that…somebody’s on a gravel road, pops up over a hill, there’s certain farm drives or locations, where they just really need to take a little extra time and pay attention a little more.”
Sandholdt says drivers should also be aware of distances, and leave room to stop when necessary; a vehicle driving 55 miles per hour can cover the length of a football field in five seconds…which may not leave enough time to maneuver around a tractor going 15 miles per hour, if a driver isn’t careful.