Homecoming week is an exciting time for players, the school, and a community as a whole. While all the activities going on throughout the week is enjoyable and something to look forward to, the flip side is all of the distractions they bring.

While many coaches have mixed feelings about the week, Pleasantville head volleyball coach Joel Allman has a different approach to this week’s homecoming.
“The main thing is working on drills that are fun for the girls. If they are having fun, chances are they will be working hard and that will help them focus.”
Head coach of the football team Mack Jorth is taking a similar approach and making sure the players make memories while being focused when they need to be.
“You got to let the player’s have some fun throughout the week. You have to be efficient in practice and get done everything you need to and then allow them to do what they want after.”
The football team will face Woodward-Granger tomorrow for their homecoming contest and the volleyball team travels to Martensdale-St. Marys on Saturday for a tournament.