The Tulip City high school volleyball teams will get a taste of the postseason at the Little Hawkeye Conference tournament today.

No. 4 in 4A Pella and Pella Christian will face off against the other six teams in the conference. The Lady Dutch, who finished 2nd in the regular season, are in a pool with No. 5 ranked in 4A DCG (3rd place), Oskaloosa (6th place), and Grinnell (7th place). Pella Christian is the 4th seed, and is in a bracket with No. 12 in 5A Indianola (regular season champions), 5th-seeded Norwalk, and 8th seeded Newton.

Both teams will play in their pools, and the fourth match will be determined on how they do. The top records, 2nd-best records, and so on will play one final match to determine the final standings. The Little Hawkeye Conference volleyball tournament begins at 4:30 p.m. — with all teams playing continuously throughout the approximately four-hour event.

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