The Warren County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Wednesday.

The board held a public hearing regarding the rezoning of property at 13435 Summerset Rd in Indianola from agricultural to light industrial at the request of Mark Fargo, who owns Iowa Contracting, Inc. Several residents near the area opposed the rezoning, stating that having a business near their homes would drive down property value, the fence surrounding the property is unsightly, and claiming a safety issue with trucks driving in and out of the business driveway onto the road. Owner Mark Fargo stated that he has worked with the zoning department to change what was recommended such as storing all equipment behind the property and repairing his driveway.

The board approved the rezoning 2-1, with Crystal McIntyre voting against the change, which stipulated that if the property is sold it will be rezoned to agricultural, and no manufacturing is allowed on the property. The board also approved a contract for hazardous waste abatement of the courthouse property, and purchased $9,500,000 of General Obligation Capital Loan Notes.