The Indianola City Council made a small change to the snow and ice manual at their most recent meeting.

City Manager Ryan Waller tells KNIA News the changes were slight, but the city is happy with how the manual presents information to Indianola residents.

“The main thing of the change was to update it to reflect some new equipment the city obtained, but we’re really excited that we have the snow and ice manual. Last year was the first year the city had a snow and ice manual, which is an important thing for the city staff and how we do our job, but more importantly how to communicate to residents what we do, how we do it, and when we do it during a snowfall.”

Waller also said he wants to remind residents that the city will treat ice with sand and salt, but the plows will only come out with 2+ inches of snow.

Snow and Ice Removal can be found on pages 92-99