Nine players from Knoxville earned all-District honors for the football season in District Seven. Nyan Baker led the Panthers with four sacks on the season, Kyle Ramsey was one of the Panthers best offensive linemen and led the team in tackles for loss with 11. Also making all-District was Ben Olson. Olson was the Panthers leaders on offense and defense. Leading the team with 71 tackles and three fumble recoveries. Kieren Nichols led the Panthers with 607 yards on the ground and seven touchdowns, and Mike Hudson was a threat on offense with 15 receptions and two touchdowns, he also nabbed three interceptions. Making honorable mention for the Panthers were Tyler Wells, Blaise Hubler, Carter Bailey, and Cristian Magana. Knoxville finished with a 3-6 record and 1-4 in the district this season.

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