Jefferson Intermediate School’s 5th grade science classes assisted in the launch of a device to attempt to fly around the world with the help of the Pella Amateur Radio Club this morning.

Students partnered with local experts to fly a “pico-satellite” called a SkyTracker, which contains GPS and amateur radio technology and permits the students to track the path of the balloon flight, anywhere on Earth. The balloon was designed to lift the SkyTracker to about 30,000 feet and then stop. The balloon has since then caught the jet stream, which should carry it around the globe.

The education, lectures, and flight were presented by the Pella Amateur Radio Club.

Click here to track the balloon. At its peak in the jet stream, it was moving over 165 miles per hour at an altitude of 34000 feet above sea level. As of 4:00 p.m., the balloon and SkyTracker were located above Pennsylvania. Jim Emmert with the amateur radio group classified it as a “perfect flight.”