Families who adopted or received a new furry friend over the holidays, even if it was from a trusted shelter, gift, or from a breeder, should take their pet into a veterinarian’s office for a full checkup.

Dr. Angelic Alcorn with All Creatures Small Animal Hospital in Indianola tells KNIA News having a medical professional give your pet a checkup can help give you much needed information.

“They are going to be able to do an initial physical exam and look over any paperwork you had, see if the animal has any health issues or when you are next going to have to come in for vaccines. Just like a well-pet exam, like we would take our kids in for a well-child exam, we want to make sure that our furry family members get that same care that they need.”

Alcorn also said to not make any snap decisions about a pets personality in the first few weeks of ownership as that can be a stressful time for both pet and owner, and to be as patient as possible with the new family member.