The Knoxville Wrestling Squad lost two matches last night in Davis County. The Panthers fell to Centerville 46-to-36. The Panthers jumped out to a 36-to-six lead over the Big Reds but Centerville came back winning the final seven matches. Knoxville then lost to Davis County 45-to-36. This time Knoxville was on top 24-to-12 when the Mustangs countered winning six of the final eight matches. Ben Brewster…Coby Meyer…and Nyan Baker posted double wins for the Panthers. Knoxville heads to the Centerville Invitational Saturday.

Centerville 46
Knoxville 36

145: Lucas Henderson (CENT) over Koby Gordon (KNOX) (Fall 2:49)
152: Nash Linsley (KNOX) over Matt Logsdon (CENT) (Fall 0:55)
160: Cael Hollinrake (KNOX) over (CENT) (For.)
170: Eli Hamilton (KNOX) over (CENT) (For.)
182: Ben Brewster (KNOX) over Otis Williams (CENT) (Fall 0:19)
195: Coby Meyer (KNOX) over (CENT) (For.)
220: Nyan Baker (KNOX) over Peyton Russell (CENT) (Fall 4:30)
285: Brady Clark (CENT) over Milo Johnston (KNOX) (Fall 1:10)
106: Emily Lewis (CENT) over (KNOX) (For.)
113: Peyton Sales (CENT) over Jordan Brandon (KNOX) (Fall 2:45)
120: Chris Bowen (CENT) over (KNOX) (For.)
126: Matthew Lewis (CENT) over Sean Collins (KNOX) (Fall 0:50)
132: Nathaniel Genobana (CENT) over Hunter Shives (KNOX) (Fall 0:28)
138: Gage Moorman (CENT) over Jax Bellon (KNOX) (MD 8-0)

Knoxville 36
Davis County 45

152: Wilston Wuthrich (DACO) over Cael Hollinrake (KNOX) (Fall 1:33)
160: Nash Linsley (KNOX) over Micah Elam (DACO) (Fall 1:43)
170: Caden Hill (DACO) over Eli Hamilton (KNOX) (Fall 1:06)
182: Ben Brewster (KNOX) over Clayton Garmon (DACO) (Fall 0:24)
195: Coby Meyer (KNOX) over Kolton Stremler (DACO) (Fall 0:49)
220: Nyan Baker (KNOX) over Mitchell Boyd (DACO) (Fall 2:10)
285: Logan Hale (DACO) over Milo Johnston (KNOX) (Dec 7-2)
106: Dawson Townsend (DACO) over (KNOX) (For.)
113: Taylor Huggins (DACO) over Jordan Brandon (KNOX) (Fall 1:40)
120: Marcus Elam (DACO) over (KNOX) (For.)
126: Jack Ball (DACO) over Sean Collins (KNOX) (Fall 1:17)
132: Davan Goering (DACO) over Hunter Shives (KNOX) (Fall 0:52)
138: Jax Bellon (KNOX) over Ben Oliver (DACO) (Fall 5:23)
145: Koby Gordon (KNOX) over Austin Payne (DACO) (Fall 1:13)

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