Raises for Marion County elected officials have been brought before the Board of Supervisors, and would see all of them get a standard adjustment plus an increase of at least four percent.

The Board this week received the recommendation from the County Compensation Board, for pay increases involving supervisors, the Sheriff and County Attorney, the Recorder, Treasurer and Auditor.

Each salary was prorated back to the 22nd percentile; then each position received a 2.3 percent Consumer Price Index adjustment, and everyone but the Sheriff got a four percent pay increase. The Sheriff would get 5.5 percent more.

County Attorney Ed Bull would get the highest salary with over $116,000 per year, while Sheriff Jason Sandholt is slated to receive over $96,000 per year.

The Compensation Board bases its decisions on current economic conditions, the salaries paid out for comparable positions statewide and the quality of the current elected officials.

The Board of Supervisors voted to receive the report and place on file; it will come up again for action at their next meeting.