The new food pantry at Knoxville High School got a boost from the holiday season, as it received donations from Hy-Vee and listeners of KNIA/KRLS.

The Panther Pantry on Friday took possession of items donated during the Christmas season; over $2,000 provided by listeners through our donation boxes, and from the pre-made food bags at Hy-Vee, was used to purchase personal products, instant oatmeal, condiments, dressing, tissue and more.

Robin Maitre from the Panther Pantry tells KNIA/KRLS News the generosity of the radio stations, our listeners and Hy-Vee will help these families obtain essential items usually not provided to food pantries.

“These are some of the items that we can’t normally get through the Food Bank of Iowa, things like personal care items, toilet paper, things that families really need and that are a necessity; but don’t always have the money to spend on them when they’re trying to buy groceries and meet bills,” Maitre says.

KNIA/KRLS and Hy-Vee have partnered for 17 years on these holiday collections; this year, we received additional assistance from Iowa State Savings Bank, Rick Van Donselaar and Van Donselaar Auction Service and Motor Inn of Knoxville.