The Knoxville Rotary Club will host a presentation in March previewing the annual Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, coming up in July in Grinnell.

Sophomores and juniors from Knoxville High School will be invited to take part in the annual leadership camp from July 14th through the 19th.

T. Waldmann-Williams from the Knoxville Rotary tells KNIA/KRLS News the week will be filled with activities and exercises meant to expand on the participants’ leadership skills.

“They learn how to do some…how to plan, how to improve on what mistakes that were made while they do some experiential exercises. And in those experiential exercises, they get to see how to develop their own voice,” Waldmann-Williams says.

Many past RYLA participants go on to do their own community projects, or start their own Rotary or Rotary-related clubs; some even return each year to help teach a new generation of RYLA students.

The time and date of the presentation at Knoxville High will be announced in the coming weeks.