With the organization of RAGBRAI coming to Indianola well underway, the City of Indianola is not only looking at the economic boom of having so many visitors all at once, but looking at it as a long-term opportunity to show off the city and make it a destination. City Manager Ryan Waller tells KNIA News chances like this don’t come around often, so Indianola will have to take advantage of it.

“One thing that I have been saying to friends, colleagues, and members of the organizing committee is that this is not just a one-day event, this is long term. The council, and those around the community have worked so hard to do great things in the community, and to showcase those efforts to those around the region and the state is going to be a great opportunity.”

Waller also said that city organizers have finalized appointments to the various sub-committees, who will do the bulk of the work planning specific areas for the visit.