Shop Local Saturday is coming to Indianola on April 27th, with the Indianola Chamber of Commerce asking residents to spend their day in Indianola to shop and eat at local businesses. Chamber President Brenda Easter tells KNIA News the chamber has been pushing a “Think Indianola First” campaign for several years, and the community is starting to see the benefits of that.

“People are recognizing that it is important to support the smaller businesses. Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder, and that is what we are trying to do with Shop Local Saturday. That’s all it takes, and I’m really excited that the Think Indianola First campaign is starting to stick, and we’ve got so many loyal people here to support the small businesses.”

The Indianola Chamber of Commerce is also asking people to share their experiences from shop local Saturday on social media. The KNIA Big Red Radio will be on location on the downtown Indianola Square, playing music for shoppers.