Students from Pella Christian High School had the chance to have their hand at making decisions for the city in a mock council meeting Friday. Mayor Jim Mueller presided over two different groups who were deciding if street names in Pella should be restored to what Dominie Scholte originally named them when he founded them in the community. Students had the chance to review the original plat of Pella, which includes the original north-south street names. Fourth grade students from Pella Christian Grade School attended and discussed the proposal. Eventually, the proposal passed in both Council meetings by a 5-1 vote, in favor of the measure to change the street names.

1st group Council members were: Brynn Runner, Porter Haug, Ellie Dykstra, Nora Lamb, Conner Knipper, Logan Van Den Broek.
2nd group Council members were: Georgia De Vries, Jacob Gosselink, Jay Patterson, Chloe Snyder, Rachel Kacmarynski, Dunkin Guillien