Tulip bulbs planted in specified street beds and city parks will be available for removal in Pella on Monday beginning at 7:00 a.m.
Removal is only allowed from the following bed locations:
• Street beds located between the sidewalk and street on:
– Main Street between Peace and Liberty
– Main Street between Washington and Sunken Gardens
– Washington Street from Open Bible Church to Brinkhoff Park
– Franklin Street from the Post Office to West Market Park
• City Parks: Brinkhoff, Central, South, Sunken Gardens, West Market
• City Buildings: City Hall, Community Center, Library, Klokkenspel
• Fair Haven Memorial at the Union and E 3rd Street intersection
Those participating in the dig are asked to only use a pitchfork, remove all foliage with the bulb, not to leave stems or leaves behind, and keep all soil in the flower beds.