The Great Plains Super Launch Symposium will meet in Pella this weekend. According to Jim Emmert with the Pella Amateur Radio Club, fifty high altitude balloon amateur radio enthusiasts will gather to share experiences, best practices and new technologies with the group, with several participants joining from around the country. Introducing students of all levels to hands on science and technology concepts through the use of high altitude balloons is the main mission for the group, and several launches have been held at Pella and Pella Christian schools. Students build experiments designed to measure various characteristics at altitudes over 100,000 feet above sea level. The experiments, known as balloonsats, must endure temperatures as low as 70 degrees F below zero, near vacuum of space, strong winds, and parachute landings. The public is invited to arrive at the Pella Christian High School practice field, just north of the school at 7:30am Saturday to view the procedures and balloon launch