As school districts across the state strengthen safety protocols in response to legislative action, businesses and other organizations may find some of those methods useful for their own protection. Lt. Shane Cox with the Pella Police Department says standard response protocols and standard reunification methods may apply to several local businesses as a way to better respond to any type of emergency impacting several people.

“For the broader community and the businesses, you can still use standard response protocol–now granted, a company like Vermeer or Pella Corp or PPI or Van Gorp need a system to notify their employees of an emergency situation, whether it be fire, tornado, active shooter, or any of those things,” he says. “What we’re training in the schools right now can be also used at those bigger companies that have to have a mass notification system.”

Cox says the Pella Police Department can help any organization with their safety protocols as well, especially with many officers receiving training this summer to deal with those situations. He says while events such as the Vermeer tornado doesn’t happen often, the goal of all local responders and community leaders is to be ready when they do. Hear more about how safety in schools connects to the broader community on today’s Let’s Talk Pella.