Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, Democratic candidate for President was in Knoxville Saturday night. Bennet tells KNIA/KRLS News the conversation in Knoxville was one he has heard throughout Iowa. He says people want this country to work for the next generation of Americans and for it to be less political and more results oriented. Bennet says we need to create universal health care, elevate children through education, and fight climate change. He says President Donald Trump isn’t doing it, and that he doesn’t care about our children. He says it’s important to nominate a candidate who can win the geographic center of the country. Beating Trump is a necessary thing to do, but after that happens, the most important thing to do is govern and end gridlock in Congress. He says this moment is an opportunity to fulfill our obligations to our country, and this can happen by galvanizing the Democratic base, and bringing in Trump voters who had previously voted for President Obama. With respect to healthcare, he feels a public option is a better vision for our healthcare, and that candidates who support Medicare for all won’t win Iowa or the presidency.