The Knoxville School Board met in regular session Monday. The board approved a revenue purpose statement, authorizing expenditures, and ordering the publication of a notice of election. They approved a resolution supporting the proposed issuance of approximately $4.3 million dollars worth of school infrastructure sales, services, and use tax revenue refunding bonds as well as approved an engagement letter with Piper Jaffray & Ahlers & Cooney in relation to the bonds. The board reviewed the annual financial report with Business Manager Craig Mobley summing up the financial status of the district. Mobley says it’s not like the district doesn’t have any issues or things to look at because they do, but right now the disticit is good financially and it’s just about maintaining. The board conducted the first reading of policies regarding goals and objectives of the education program as well as approved the dates of October.14th and 21st for the board meeting dates in October. A closed session to discuss strategy with legal counsel in matters presently in litigation or where litigation is imminent was also held with no action being taken.