Word of Central College’s new tuition pricing model made its way to Washington D.C. Senator Chuck Grassley made mention of the change on the floor of the Senate Thursday.

“I have three bills designed to help students better understand the actual cost of college, because it is not at all transparent. Colleges tend to think that having a high tuition is a reflection of quality, which just means they have to offer more scholarships. Between that and the complexity of federal student aid, price shopping for college is almost impossible.That’s why I was glad to learn that one of Iowa’s well-respected private colleges, Central College in Pella, Iowa, has lowered its tuition from $38,600 to $18,600 to better reflect the actual cost. Maybe they will start a trend.”

Central made the announcement earlier this week at a press conference, in which the tuition bill for students better reflects the actual cost of classes — previously, several scholarships were used to offset the difference. According to Central, many scholarships will remain available, which may make attending college more similarly priced to the state’s regent universities.